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020 / Dissidia: Final Fantasy Screencaps

Hopefully people will be interested enough to look here. I'll post all my screencaps for Dissidia in here. These are my characters in action 8Db! Anyway... these are good for whatever you want to do with them, icons and what not. Unless you specify what you want, I'll probably go overboard and screen you 20+ caps and upload it into a .rar file. I don't want to cause any inconvenience for you, so please tell me what you want!

11/03 - Cecil, Ultimecia, Gabranth, Bartz, and Squall screens added
10/14 - Onion Knight screens added
10/14 - Emperor screens added

Screencap size: 480x272

Cloud and Terra - Download

Tidus and Jecht - Download

Cloud of Darkness - Download

Firion - Download

Onion Knight - Download

The Emperor - Download

Cecil - Download

Ultimecia - Download

Gabranth - Download

Bartz - Download

Squall - Download

Download (Low quality)

- Comments are nice, they make me happy. :)
- No credit is needed since they're just screens.

Requests are clooooooooooooosed.
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